Thursday, May 28, 2009

Update on Alexis

On Tuesday, May 26th, we had a doctor's appt. Alexis is still a girl and we were amazed to see how big she's getting. Her legs looked strong and healthy. She has been moving a lot more, which makes me very happy. Hopefully she will keep it up. We don't have an ultrasound picture because the doctor had a delivery in the morning, and was double-booked in appointments the rest of the day. I am grateful we still got a quick peek at Alexis through ultrasound. I am 22 weeks today and I can't believe how fast time is going by. I can't wait to see Alexis, but I really want to cherish the rest of my pregnancy.

We had our second Bradley class last night on Payson's birthday. We talked about nutrition and excercise and found the class to be very informative. Then we went home and watched the Lakers game we had on Tivo. We're happy that the Lakers didn't choke on their home court. They now lead the series 3-2. Go Lakers!


  1. YAY! Bradley!!!! We LOVED our Bradley training. Hope you enjoy it. I would also recommend the Ricki Lake film, 'The Business of Being Born.' Netflix it now before you get too close to the birth.

    Just found your blog today. What fun!

  2. I love Alexis!!

    this is anita...i japan!