Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Floor and Door

It's been awhile since I have blogged. A lot of you have been asking about Daniel's progress with the flooring. He's been done with the floor for awhile. I am very proud of him and love the new floor. I don't miss the ugly tile at all!!! Here's some pictures of the entire process. Thanks to Steve Wells and a couple other friends, we got the tile out one weekend and the new floor and door in another weekend. Thank you to everyone who helped!!!

*The tile before*
*Prepped and ready to go*
*Steve using the jackhammer*
*They broke up the tile in a couple of hours*
*Look at all that tile!*
*They cleaned it out in less than two hours*
*New Subfloor*
*Boxes of Flooring*
*Starting the floor*
*Steve and Daniel nailing away*
*Steve measuring-thanks to him we got this done in a weekend*
*New bamboo flooring!!!*
*Knocking out the old door frame*
*Adjusting the new door frame*
*New door frame*
*New Front Door!*


  1. Looks great. Maybe we can pay Daniel to finish our door. We are still under construction.....

  2. It looks so great! I loe the organization in the drawers! :) And I saw the duck!