Friday, March 12, 2010

5 Months

Alexis turned 5 months on March 6th and we discovered that she is teething! Two weeks ago, we found her first bottom tooth and last week, we saw the second bottom tooth just broke the surface. Luckily, she's not fussy or crying. She's just chewing on everything. Her smile is even more adorable with her little teeth. She's also trying really hard to crawl. Alexis still wont take a bottle, but I gave her a sippy cup and she understands how to hold it. She just needs to figure out how to sip correctly. Whenever we drink from a water bottle, Alexis wants it. She loves to chew and play with plastic water bottles. We even let her take a couple sips from it and she does so well. I am so in awe with how fast she is growing and learning. She's so much fun and so smart!!! We also assembled her Babee Tenda chair and she loves to sit in it and play. It is so handy because it has wheels. I can take her into the kitchen with me when I cook. Or the bedroom when I fold laundry. She also pays a lot more attention to the Your Baby Can Read video when she sits in it. Here are some pictures and a video:

*Alexis in her chair*
*Trying to crawl*
*First teeth!*
*Attempting the sippy cup*
*The dogs making Alexis laugh*


  1. Great now everyone is going to get her plastic water bottles for her birthday. I guess it will be ok if they have water in them that we can drink.

  2. Oh my gosh.She is sooo adorable,I cant believe how much shes already trying.I think im due for another visit super soon for sure cause I need to hang out with Alexis =) I love the pictures

  3. That highchair is really cool. Love her cute little teeth. Can't believe she is teething so early. You are lucky that she isn't cranky. Payson is such a pain when he is teething.