Monday, July 12, 2010

Reading and Cruising!

This weekend was very exciting for us. Saturday, we discovered that the Your Baby Can Read program actually works and that Alexis is starting to read! I was going through some of the words with her and asked her to find the word "dog." She immediately pointed to dog and slid the card to reveal the picture of the dog. I was stunned and thought it was a fluke. I did it with different words and asked Daniel to come watch. She picked the right word every time. We tested this several times during the day and changed the words, but she kept picking them! We are fully convinced that she can read several words and are so so so proud of her progress. She really enjoys learning. I am so happy we decided to invest in the program. Then on Sunday, while working in the church nursery, Alexis pulled herself onto a little cart and started cruising! She did it so well! Pretty soon, she'll be walking on her own. Every day I'm absolutely amazed at how smart she is. It's a little sad that she's growing up so fast! We're just trying to enjoy every minute, knowing it will soon be a distant memory. Enjoy the videos!

*She's so smart!*
*Look at her go!*

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