Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Alexis is ONE!

Today Alexis turned ONE! We can't believe how fast the first year has gone! Today was bittersweet for me. Happy for the milestone and seeing how amazing Alexis has become in just a year, but sad that my baby will never be a little baby anymore. I've definitely shed some tears this week. We thank God for our baby girl, and are absolutely blessed beyond what we deserve. Although, her first birthday party is on Saturday, we celebrated at home with just the three of us. Alexis and I went to Fresh and Easy and bought cupcakes and then to Dollar Tree to get her a balloon. She loves balloons and we found one a Happy Birthday balloon with a dog on it (She LOVES dogs). Then, when Daniel came home we went to Costco to pick up the photobook we made for her first year. At home, we sang happy birthday to her, took lots of pictures and video as she ate her cupcake, and then let her open a present (clothes from Dale and April, thanks guys!). It was lots of fun. Enjoy the pictures of our mini celebration!

Happy 1st Birthday Alexis!
Your first year has been the best year of our lives!
Mommy and Daddy love you!

*A doggy balloon for the birthday girl!*
*I'm ONE today!*
*Singing Happy Birthday*
*First Bite*
*Not too messy at first*
*Wondering why we are allowing her to be messy*
*Look at that pretty face!*
*Messy hands*
*Starting to mash it*
*She wasn't allowed to eat all of it, but she had fun playing with it and making a mess*

*Singing Happy Birthday!*

*Eating Cake*

*I'm ONE!*

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