Sunday, July 26, 2009

4D Ultrasound

Yesterday, we went back to Before the Stork in Anaheim to get a 4D ultrasound. We were so excited and had been looking forward to our visit for a long time. This time, there weren't quite as many people that came with us. We were joined by my parents, Anita, Carrie, and Patrick. It was so nice that they were there with us. It was an amazing experience to see our healthy, beautiful baby girl. She kept opening and closing her eyes and mouth, putting her hand in front of her face, and many other funny things. We also got to see her kick me while she was kicking me. Best of all, she has chubby cheeks and hair, just like me when I was a baby. Enjoy this sneak peek...if she's this adorable now, imagine how cute she'll be when she comes out! :) Click on the link below to see all of the pictures:

*Getting Ready to Start*
*Checking her heartbeat*
*Awwww...look at those cheeks!*
*Her eye is open...she has big eyes!*
*She's so cute!*
*She's gotten so big since her last ultrasound*
*My mom, me, and Daniel*
*Proud Parents of Alexis*


  1. She's got your eyes...

  2. I think she looks just like you. Daniel has his hands full. Less than 10 weeks to go...