Friday, July 24, 2009

New Bathroom & 30 Week Update

Since May, Daniel has been remodeling our master bathroom. Daniel wanted to surprise me, so I did not see the bathroom during the whole remodeling process. It is finally finished and I was AMAZED when I saw it. Dan the Man did an AWESOME job!!! It's absolutely beautiful and I am so proud of his hard work and good taste. Enjoy the pictures below.

*The very beginning- He gutted the whole wall and re-did the plumbing*
*Setting up the framework for the new wall*
*Starting the tiling- Daniel has never tiled anything before*
*Looking good...*
*Isn't it beautiful?*
*Daniel made these frames himself using the hardwood floorboards*
*There is an outlet inside the cabinet*
*Yup, that's a TV inside the right mirror, he used one-way mirrors for this*
*Isn't that cool?!?!?!*
*The new toilet, floor, baseboards, etc.*

I am now 30 weeks and still feeling great. However, last Saturday, Alexis gave me a major scare and didnt move for around 18 hours. Everything I did to get her to kick was unsuccessful. I was crying and scared that something was wrong with her. I almost went to the emergency room, but then she started to finally move. Even though every movement was very faint. I monitored her movements the rest of the day and they got stronger and stronger. I felt much better. Monday I went and did my 3 hour gestational diabetes test. It was miserable and they drew blood from the same vein on the same arm all 4 times. I felt very brave, especially since I used to cry every time I got a blood test. I'm a big girl now. I still got a sticker at the end of it though. :) Anita came with me again and it was so nice to have that support! The best news of all is that I PASSED!!! I don't have gestational diabetes! What a relief. The next day I had my doctor's appointment. There I presented our birth plan to my doctor, which he approved. Another big relief. They also put me on a monitor to make sure Alexis was ok. They monitored her heartbeat for about 20 minutes. Her heartbeat is fine...biggest relief of all. She even kicked the monitor on my belly several times. My next appointment is in 2 weeks. I will have appointments every two weeks until I am 36 weeks. After that I go in every week.

Also, our good friends Carrie and Patrick are visiting us this week from South Carolina. I am so happy they are here. Since I had the lab test and dr appt on monday and tuesday, I just used 2 sick days and was able to sightsee with Carrie and Patrick for two days. We went to the Kodak Theater and saw all of the Hollywood tourist attractions around there. Then we went driving and looking at stars homes. We would follow some of the tour shuttles that went through the neighborhoods. It was funny. We also went to the Getty Museum and 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. We had a good time. Today, we are going to get a 4D ultrasound. We'll get to see what Alexis looks like! Sort of. :) I am so happy Carrie and Patrick will get to be a part of it.

*Patrick, Daniel, and Carrie at the Getty*
*Patrick, Me, and Carrie*
*The beautiful view from the Getty*
*Patrick enjoying the view*
*Silly Patrick*
*Me and my girl!*

Lastly, we had our last Bradley class on Wednesday. I am very sad they are over. We really enjoyed them. Our instructor, Pauline, said we can come back for refresher courses in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. We learned a lot through the class and feel much better prepared for the birth of our child. Sorry for the super long blog!!!


  1. Nice work Daniel! The bathroom looks great. Now get working on a baby room. j/k. Glad the baby is ok. I cant wait to see 4D pics!

  2. The bathroom turned out great. I want to go to the Getty too!!

  3. Love the bathroom-- great job Dan! The Getty is a great place for visitors and locals alike. Haven't been for a couple years and your pics made me miss it! Have you been to the Getty Villa in Malibu? Also awesome.

    Have you seen The Business of Being Born yet? Now that you're done with Bradley you might enjoy it!

    Do you every do prenatal yoga? I found it to be a lovely companion to my Bradley training and a big help in labor.


  4. Holy crap!!! the bathroom looks AMAZING!!!! go Daniel!