Thursday, April 1, 2010

Homemade Baby Food

This week, I started making homemade baby food for Alexis. I started out with sweet potatoes and fresh zucchinis I bought from the farmer's market. I baked the sweet potatoes and steamed the zucchinis and then pureed them in my magic bullet. I put them in 2 oz plastic containers I got at Babies R Us. We decided to give Alexis the sweet potatoes first. She seemed to like it and got it all over her face. I look forward to making more and giving her lots of different foods to taste. Hopefully she likes them. I wanted to do this because homemade baby food is healthier, cheaper, and tastier than the cans. Her pediatrician says I have to introduce new foods one at a time, and give her that food for four days straight before moving on. This is to make sure she doesn't get any allergic reactions to anything. Enjoy the pics of our big girl!

*Using the magic bullet*
*Sweet potatoes and zucchini*


  1. That is great Ann! Making your own babyfood is such a cool thing. I tried it a couple times with Peer but then he didn't really take solids until he was 1, and by then he didn't really need "babyfood" anymore. So I was actually a little disappointed it never worked out for me. I look forward to hearing all about your experience with it!

  2. Isn't making baby food soooo easy. I need to try zucchini, but I probably wont get to it because I am going to stop making food soon. Payson by far prefers what we eat.