Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010- He has Risen!

We had a wonderful time celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus and first Easter with Alexis. Saturday, we went to Target and took Easter pictures of Alexis and they came out BEAUTIFUL! Such a little model. Later that day, we found out that my best friend Carrie got engaged! We are so excited for her and Patrick! Alexis also got her Easter basket from Grandma Odit and Grandpa Farouk. Earlier in the week, she got a wonderful surprise from Grandma Sheri in the mail. Sunday, we went to church and then had a wonderful late lunch with the Wells. Alexis got another Easter basket from her Meme Trisha, Popi Steve, and Aunt Caitlin. She also got to play with her cousin Logan. We were all shaken a bit from the 7.2 Earthquake in Baja California. It was a really long earthquake, but thankfully, it wasn't too strong in our area. But an earthquake is nothing compared to the power of Christ rising from the dead, and THAT is the most important thing about Easter. We hope that as Alexis grows up, we are able to teach her more about Jesus than eggs, bunnies, and candy. Enjoy the pictures of our beautiful Alexis!

*My favorite picture!*

*Alexis in the bathrobe and towel that Meme and Popi put in her basket*
*Sleeping during Resurrection Sunday service*
*We took this pic awhile ago when we found these bunny ears for $1 at Target*
*Grandma Sheri's Easter surprise for Alexis*
*Pic of us*
*Alexis loving the Easter basket from Grandma Odit and Grandpa Farouk*


  1. She's so BEAUTIFUL in her pictures!

  2. How fun. I wish Paul would let me get professional pictures taken. They turned out really cute.