Thursday, May 20, 2010

Greetings From Idaho

On Sunday, May 16th, we left for Coeur D'Alene, Idaho to accompany Daniel on his business trip. By chance, our timeshare exchange has a location that is located directly across the street from the building Daniel has to work in, which is why we came along. I was a little nervous about how Alexis would handle traveling, but she did great. To get to Idaho, we had to fly first to Las Vegas, take a second flight to Spokane, WA, and then rent a car and drive about 45 min to get to our destination. On the first flight, Alexis slept the whole flight. On the second flight, she was awake but tired. It took a little less than two hours to get from Vegas to Spokane and she only got fussy towards the end, when she got really tired. She fell asleep as we were descending. We had no issues with ear pain. I nursed her during take off and landing, but to be extra cautious, I bought these earplugs called Ear Planes that are supposed to regulate the pressure and prevent ear pain. Surprisingly, she let us put them in her ears and didn't try to take them out. Alexis caught the attention of lots of people. She kept waving at everyone and everyone commented on how adorable she is. A drunk woman in Vegas came over and gave Alexis a string of beads, which I thoroughly washed in the bathroom. Alexis really liked them. Since the timeshare has a full kitchen, we stopped by Costco (our favorite store) to get food for the whole week. It has been such a relaxing trip for me. The lake is beautiful, the timeshare is gorgeous and spacious. The three of us enjoyed sleeping on a king sized bed. The best part of the trip is that we got to take Alexis to the pool for the first time. She LOVED it and had so much fun that she didn't want to get out. Unfortunately, Daniel had to work during the days, but since we were across the street, we got to see him for lunch every day. It was much better than being away from him for a whole week. After a long day of traveling, we came back home on Saturday, May 22nd. We were all so happy to be home. Alexis missed her toys and her doggies, Abby and Ace. Daniel had to go to Idaho again yesterday, but he'll be back on Saturday.

*First plane ride!*
*Special ear plugs for plane*
*We're here!*
*View from our patio*
*Alexis being silly*
*On one of our walks*
*Enjoying the king-sized bed*
*Ready for the pool*
*First time going to the pool*
*Cool Float*
*Family Pool Pic*
*Splashing Daddy*
*It got chilly one day*
*I love her hat*
*Splashing in the pool*
*More Splashing*
*Playing with the water bottle*
*Tearing tissues*


  1. Idaho looks gorgeous!!! I love that thing you have for the pool. We need one. Alexis is getting so big. I can't believe she is crawling! We will miss you at Payson's party.

  2. Those videos are super funny and cute,and the pictures are gorgeous Alexis is so pretty and getting so big =)

  3. I cannot believe how she has grown!!! She is precious, and not a baby anymore. Thanks so much for the birthday card for B. You are so thoughtful! It meant a lot to her.
    Bethany's Mom